Seoul Court Rules In Favor Of A Samsung Leukemia Victim

Stop Samsung - No More Deaths!

The Seoul administrative court ordered  KCOMWEL, the quasi-government entity responsible for workers compensation, on October 18 to withdraw its earlier decision and to pay industrial-accident payouts to the bereaved family of a former Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd employee who died in 2009 of leukemia.

Posthumous Victory

The ruling is a posthumous victory for Kim Kyung-mi, who had waged a long fight until her death four years ago.  Kim began work as a wafer etcher at the Giheung plant of Samsung in 1999, after graduating high school.  Until 2004 when she got married, Kim has worked at the same plant where Hwang Yu-mi, the first publicly known victim of Samsung’s blood disorder cluster, developed leukemia.

Marriage, Miscarriage, And Acute Leukemia

In 2005, she had a miscarriage—probably the first sign of physical anomalies because there was no family history of miscarriage.  After a regimen of fertility medications and treatment, in 2007…

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